Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Hometown Media Awards entries:

1. How do I submit my entry?

All entry and payment information must be submitted online.

If you must submit DVDs, please mail these along with entry information print outs to our headquarters address. You may pay for these entries either online or by check. If you are paying by check, please include this with your entry print outs and DVDs. There is a $20 processing fee per entry for this. If you submit a DVD, the file size still must be under 300MB.

We strongly encourage both uploading and paying for your entries online.

For a complete look at how to submit your entry, please go to our Submission Process page.

2. Where can I find a complete 2012 Hometown Media Awards category and price listing?

We have a complete listing of all available media types, categories and prices available here. Again, these are for your reference only; all submissions must be entered via this website.

3. Can I pay by check?

We highly recommend that you take advantage of our convenient and secure online payment system. Payment takes place real-time and you will receive a receipt automatically via email. If you wish to pay by check, please select the "pay by mail" checkbox at checkout.

4. Can I change the contact info for different entries that are all still under my name?


Yes.  When you click on 'Add Entry', it brings up the entry form. The first tab of the entry form has contact information which pre-fills assuming you are submitting an entry for yourself. In the situation where you are submitting entries for multiple entrants (Eg. for the same company), the contact information on the entry form can be changed if needed. This way, the entrant info and the entry info will differ.

5. As an organization, can I make a lump payment for multiple entries for a group of individuals?

No, an organization or one member cannot make a lump payment for multiple entrants online. The organization will have to log in as the entrant and submit payments on their behalf.

Alternative: Individual entrants can select the "Pay Offline" button and print and mail entry information and submission confirmation to the organization. The organization can then mail in a lump sum check with all entry paperwork from the individual entrants to ACM Headquarters.

Please direct any questions to ACM Headquarters:

Alliance for Community Media

Hometown Media Awards
1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500
McLean, VA 22102

Phone: 703-506-2889


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