Please read these competition rules carefully. If you enter the 2015 Allie Awards, we will assume that you have read these rules and guidelines and that you agree to them.


1. Eligibility:


A) Entrants must meet at least one of the following criteria:


1. Entrant's company is located in metro Atlanta.

2. Entrant's event was held in metro Atlanta.

3. Entrants company holds membership in an Atlanta Chapter hospitality association or organization.


B) Event Date: The event must have occurred between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014


C) Entry Limitations: Each Company may submit up to TWO entries per category.  Each Company may submit an event in a maximum of three different categories.


D) Anonymity: Entrant's company name or logo must not appear anywhere in the entry, except on the Entrant user profile form. If the entrant's name or logo appears anywhere else, the judging body is instructed to disqualify the entry. This includes your collateral please thoroughly check your photography images, BEOs, diagrams, documents, spreadsheets, etc!


2. Disqualification:


A) Entries will be disqualified if your company is identified.


B) We are unable to notify entrants if their entry is disqualified.


C) Fees for disqualified entries are not refundable.


3. Judging and Notification:


A) Judges: The judging panel will be selected by the Allies Board and Committee from top-tier event professionals outside of metro Atlanta, and will remain anonymous throughout the judging process.


B) Merit: The nominees and subsequent winners of any given category are based on merit as determined by the panel of judges, and are not based upon the number of entries received in the category. There may not be nominees in every category, regardless of the number of entries received.


C) Up to three (3) nominees in each category will be notified on or before March 10th, 2015. Awards will be presented at the Allie Awards on March 29, 2015. Transportation and tickets are the sole responsibility of the entrants.


4. Entry Elements


All entries must be submitted individually through the online entry process.   As you begin the process, you must first create an ENTRANT user profile to submit.  The committee recommends creating and editing the written content in a word processing file, then simply cut and paste to the entry site.  Each entry submission will include the following elements:


A. Entry Application Form – Tab #1: ENTRY


Completed on line entry application form one entry per form.


For Best Team Effort (TAB #5 – BEST TEAM EFFORT ONLY), the Team Leader is responsible for collecting each Statement of Responsibility (100 words max) and full payment fee ($90.00 early entry, $120.00 late entry) from each participating team member who wishes to enter (and receive a trophy should the entry win).  The Team Leader will be solely responsible for uploading all entry content to the entry website, as well as inputting all Team Member contact information each member’s Statements of Responsibility, and paying the overall team fee.


B. Awards Night Information – Tab #2: AWARDS NIGHT INFO


1. Event name, the category of entry and a short application summary of the event. MAX 300 total characters, approximately 50 words.

2. Provide a single .jpg file (max 20MB) which will be used on awards night and for promotional communications Please note: this image will not be judged, however it may be duplicated in your collateral.


C. Written Content – Tab #3: ENTRY DETAILS


1. Application summary, statement of responsibility explaining your scope of services. MAX 600 total characters, approximately 100 words.

2. Event description as outlined in each award category shall be entered in the entry text boxes provided on the entry website.  Character limits and point values are noted for each entry section.   Spaces are counted in the character count!


D. Collateral Attachments/Link – Tab #4: UPLOADS

Up to 20 files, with indicative names like "stage.jpg" or "invitation.pdf".  Use the BROUSE filed to attach and then click the green UPLOAD icon.  The collateral files must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .mpg (each max file size 20MB). Videos up to 3 minutes in length may be used - MAX video file size 500MB. Press coverage, including magazine or newspaper articles are not permitted. Please ensure your company brand or logo is not visible on any pieces of collateral.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Budget, where required by category, should be included in the 20 collateral files. NOTE: Budget categories are for the full retail value of the event.
  • Event Photographs NOTE: collages are not acceptable
  • Marketing and Print pieces (may cluster for photo)
  • Photos of novelty (may cluster for photo)
  • Photos of linen samples (may cluster for photo)
  • Video (allowed only where specified) maximum 3 minutes in length
  • Floor Plans and Logistics
  • Production Plans and documents
  • Banquet Event Order



E. Payment – click side button


Credit Card payment will be expected at the conclusion of the online entry process. Entries received during the on-time entry window will make a payment fee of $90.00.

Entries received during the extended entry window will make a payment fee of $120.00.


The on-time entry window is January 9, 2015 February 13th, 2015

The extended entry window is February 14th, 2015 February 20th, 2015


TIP #1 You may save your progress at any point during the submission process and go back to it later.


TIP #2 Your entry is not considered ‘submitted’ until you have PAID for your entry, and then completed the process and click “SUBMIT” – this will generate a third email confirmation of completion.