MCA-I Media Festival

Welcome Judges and Potential Judges in the 46th MCA-I Media Festival! You have until Feb 28, 2015 to complete your judging.

Please NOTE: You do not have to download media to view it. Just click on the image and it will open a window and play.

If this is your first time at this page, please look for the Register link in the upper left hand corner of this page. (NOTE: this is a separate site from the regular MCA-I website, so please Register - if you try to log in with your regular website info, it will not work!)

If you have already registered on the Contest Judging site for this year's competition and know your username and password - please enter it in that same area. (NOTE: If you judged last year, you will need to re-register for this new competition!)

We will be selecting judges based on the following criteria:

  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Membership in MCA-I (not required once the minimum number of MCA-I members has been reached)
  • Past experience judging media competitions
  • Willingness to provide thoughtful written critique, which is a hallmark of the MCA-I Media Festival.

Each panel of judges will include a majority of MCA-I members.