Welcome to the 2016 TIVA-DC Peer Awards!

Whether a member of TIVA-DC, or a non-member, we welcome you to participate.  Enter your work, upload your videos, and make your payment all from this one site.

If you haven’t entered the Peer Awards in the past, here’s the quick tour:

Start by clicking on the Rules/Fees/Release button. Not only will you find these topics here, but the entry categories as well. Categories are divided by Production and Skills so that both production companies and freelancers can have their work judged equally and fairly.

We have added new categories this year, including Classic Peer, Aerial Photography, and Underwater Photography (details on the Rules/Fees/Release page).  We have also added weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs to the Live Event category.

Further topics under this banner include the schedules for the fees, how your video will be judged, and the acceptable entry formats (and if you’ve never uploaded a video before, that’s OK. We’ll walk you through it.)

The FAQs and Contact Us buttons are, we hope, self explanatory. That only leaves the Register button. When you’re ready to check out the site, or better yet, enter your work, simply type in your email address, enter your contact information, make up a username and password, and you’re in. And if you forget your password later, we have you covered there too. 

The TIVA-DC Peer Awards is a merit-based award judged solely on the individual merits of the entry. This is not a competition, rather an acknowledgement and celebration of exceptional quality work created by the DC/MD/VA region. This may result in categories receiving multiple awards as well as categories not receiving any awards.

The Peer Awards ceremony is November 12, 2016.  All Gold Award recipients will receive a TIVA DC Peer Award trophy the night of the ceremony. Silver and Bronze recipients will receive an embossed certificate suitable for framing. Additional Gold trophies as well as Silver and Bronze trophies and certificates may be ordered for a nominal fee after the ceremony.  A special discount period will be offered for trophy/certificate orders immediately following the ceremony.

We thank you for your entries and wish you the best in this year’s Peer Awards.


Todd Clark                                        Jim Pennington
2016 Peer Awards Chairman           2016 Peer Awards Vice-Chairman


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