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BMA Chicago recognizes and honors young talent through the Rising Star award granted to young professionals who demonstrate the best contribution to b-to-b marketing. Candidates under 30 from all marketing disciplines – creative, media, strategy, etc. are nominated by their managers and supervisors. Submissions are accepted now through August 15.
Rising Star: Best Contribution to Business-to-Business Marketing in 2013-14
Disciplines include: Creative, Media, Strategy, Results and Analysis
Winner receives the following:
  • Recognition during September Recognition month events
  • A seat at the speaker table September 2014 BMA Marketing Innovators Luncheon with the BMA Chicago president and speakers
  • An award to show off to colleagues, family and friends
  • Participation on the Young Professionals committee (if member)
  • A September press release announcing the winner created and distributed by BMA
Entry Criteria
Supervisors/managers will submit three paragraphs to explain how their nominee(s) achieved one or more of the following:
  • Developed markedly in their marketing/creative/project management/media/analysis skills
  • Proved to be instrumental in problem solving/creative brainstorming that led to eventual client solution
  • Overcame a difficult marketing problem/question for a client
  • Went above and beyond in training/mentoring a new or more junior team member 
Who should nominate:
  • Young Professionals for self-involvement
  • Mid- to senior-level managers
  • Client or agency partners

Entry Fees

Members: $50 per entry or $40 each for two or more entries
Non-members: $75 per entry or $65 each for two or more entries
Entry Deadline
Friday, August 14, 2014